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What Seems Small Might Land You In the Emergency Room–Or Worse.

What Seems Small Might Land You In the Emergency Room–Or Worse.

Standing in the lobby of our new church building, I held a small round Aleve.

For 98% of the population, this would be no big deal, but I’m a part of the 2% allergic to Ibuprofen, and I knew very possibly this Aleve.

It was 5:50 pm on Sunday Evening. In ten minutes, I would be leading the singing. Not the best time for an allergic reaction.

About ten years ago, I took some ibuprofen and wound up in the emergency room. My eyes were nearly swollen shut, I had a fat lip, and I threw up red Kool-Aid that I enjoyed earlier that day.

For weeks I’ve been battling shoulder pain and wrist pain. I wanted to take an inflammatory medicine to see if it helps, but since that day ten years ago, I haven’t tried anything else.

Well, standing in the lobby of the church, I thought, why not. So I told a few people what I was doing, took a drink of water, and swallowed that small pill.

Unrelated, I think, I’ve had hives every day for 13 years. This inconvenience causes me to be aware of every itch, every burning feeling in my body that might lead to swelling. As I led singing, I felt every hive in my body more than ever. I noticed every weird feeling in my chest, but after 20 minutes of singing, I had a sore shoulder but no reaction.

That all changed around 8:30 pm that night.

While rushing the kids around and to the table for dinner, I noticed my ears began to burn and swell. I broke out in a sweat, and my chest felt like someone was rolling their knuckles on the inside of my chest, trying to get out. The burning feeling would reach my throat from time to time, but not to the point of swelling, at least I hoped.

I took two allergy pills (you’re supposed to take one) like I do every time I begin to swell for unknown reasons of the hives, but it wasn’t going away. But, like a stubborn man, I tried to stay home, but I found myself in an emergency room.

All because I was frustrated with a bit of pain and couldn’t resist the possible relief from a little pill of Aleve.

Many times in life, we endure pain.

Pain from others. Pain from circumstances of life.

In our pain, we are tempted with a little sin (you choose) that can bring some temporary pleasure and relief from our situation.

Some take it…and nothing happens. They continue on thinking they are fine when suddenly the consequences come.

It may be hours, it may be days, it may be months or years, but eventually, consequences come.

An Aleve cost me an evening and probably 500 dollars (we will see), but sin costs much more.

Don’t be deceived by how seemingly small sin might seem or its false advertisement of relief. 

Cast your cares on the One that can bring true relief–Jesus. 

And if you are among the 2% like me–don’t take the Aleve.


Have a great week! Stay out of the emergency room. 😑

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