Hi, I’m Brad McClure.

About pages always feel so awkward.

It’s just me talking about myself. Most of you reading this initially know me but if the website gains traction–new readers will end up here.

If you are one of those new readers, welcome. I’m honored that you stopped by, and a bit intimidated. I've probably already noticed your subscription and scrubbed the internet trying to find out how you got here. 😁

I enjoy writing, but I’m pretty insecure about it. We’ve all read those social media posts where people mess up spelling and butcher punctuation.

Well, my mind tells me I’m that guy every time I post.

Anyway, here’s a bullet-point overview of my life.

  • I have an undergraduate degree in Bible and a Master’s Degree in Ministry.
  • I was a pastor for 12 years. (8 years in Michigan and 4 in Southern Indiana.)
  • My Grandpa (retired), Dad, and brother are Pastors.
  • After 12 years of ministry, I discovered my then-wife in an affair. That led to a divorce and my resignation from the church.
  • That marriage did give me five wonderful children. Three boys, two girls.
  • One of those boys, Braden, died at five months old in his sleep.
  • After the divorce, I remarried the kindest woman you will ever meet, Michelle.
  • I now work as a Retail Loan Officer at First National Bank.
  • I do a podcast called Pulpit to Pew, where I teach the Bible.
  • I teach a class at my church. (Where my dad and brother pastor.)

That about sums it up.

As you can see, I’ve had my share of adversity. Still, God has blessed me.

There’s a good chance I’ll write about these bullet points either here or over on my Substack.

Initially, this site has been used as a newsletter updating subscribers on the podcast and sharing a weekly devotional with biblical nuggets of wisdom.

Thank you for stopping by my page. I'd love to here from you.

How did you hear about the site?

For now, the paid portion is a spot to donate and help out the podcast that's been going strong for four years.

If you choose to–I am extremely grateful.

What’s this money going to be used for?

Well, I’m not quitting my day job. Anything given will be reinvested into writing and podcasting.

My wife and kids, my Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Brother and family, Sister and Family