Christmas in October?

Christmas in October?
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Driving to work this morning felt a bit like Christmas in October.

Not because of early snow or cold weather, but because we have now reached the New Testament in our Chronological Reading Plan. The early chapters of the New Testament tell us all about Jesus' birth.

We've heard the Christmas story so many times we can become numb to how amazing this time in history was.

The God and Creator of the world left heaven. He didn't just appear as a full-grown man, he submitted himself to the human process of birth. For nine months the God of this world resided in a human's stomach. Born of a virgin, and raised by parents, Jesus submitted himself to God's plan of redemption.

I think the hymn writer said it perfectly when he wrote, "O What a Savior."

We've just come through some difficult books of the Bible. As we start to get our footing in the New Testament take a deep breath. Slow down and enjoy it. Make these next three months profitable.

  • In the Gospels - what's Jesus teaching his disciples?
  • In Acts - what was the early church like?
  • In the Epistles - how was the early church to function and behave?

Ask questions as you read. Make notes to go back and study.

I look forward to hearing what you've gleaned as we go along.

Question: What was your favorite book of the Old Testament as you read through this time?

Hit "reply" and let me know.

On the Podcast

Sunday I wrapped up Lesson 6 in a mini-series on the Life of Elijah.

I've probably taught through Elijah's life two or three times before, but this time felt the most impactful for me.

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What I'm up to...

The thing that may be nothing:

Most of you follow the Pulpit to Pew YouTube page.  I haven't used it much lately, but I appreciate you subscribing and being patient.

That's why this seems crazy, but I started preparing my personal YouTube page.

Prepare for what?

Well, I'm not sure. I have ideas, but I need a few things to fall into place. (and a good dose of courage.)

Now that I have it started you can subscribe. That would go a long way on the courage thing and if things fall into place–we will have some fun.

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I have a few more items I'm working on, but it's too early to share them.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy this FALL weather!

Until next time...