Clearing Paths

Clearing Paths
Photo by Ed Leszczynskl / Unsplash

Every few minutes, while sitting here in the quietness of my office,  I hear small drops of water echoing off the gutter just outside my window.

Today we got some much-needed rain. Well, depends on who you ask.

It's funny–sitting in church today, I heard two men pray, giving God thanks for the much-needed rain. In that same service were five young girls eager to play in their softball game, hoping the weatherman was wrong.

Today the farmers rejoiced, but five little girls went to bed with their seasons over.

David didn't get his way either.

He wanted to build a temple to bring glory to God, but God told him no. Solomon, David's son, would build the temple, and today we read the beginning of that process.

Solomon's task wasn't easy, but it was MUCH easier than it could have been.

David's godly response to "NO" and the relationships he built (Hiram of Tyre; 1 Kings 5) set Solomon up to succeed.

This example challenges me with a question I want to ask you this week.

Question to Ponder:

What actions are you taking to clear a path for your children and grandchildren to grow spiritually?

This week, with a hatchet, chainsaw, and weedeater, I've cleared about a mile's worth of paths in our woods for my kids to ride a new ATV on.

They have no idea. It's a surprise.

They'll have no idea the time it's taken, but their excitement will make the effort worth it.  

How much more clearing a spiritual path that sets up your child or grandchildren to better serve their LORD?

We may not see the final outcome on this side of heaven, but we'll have eternity to rejoice in heaven!

Back to the rain...I wonder if when God answers the prayers of farmers desperate for their crops to be showered with rain, if His heart breaks a little to watch the young girls miss their game. 🙂

If so, I'm asking him to bless them this week at camp! 💚

Have a great week! Enjoy your time in God's Word!