Drinking from Polluted Potholes

Drinking from Polluted Potholes

Today’s Text: Psalm 23:2b

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters.”

Phillip Keller, the author of the book “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, points out that sometimes stubborn sheep will not wait for the clear, pure water that the shepherd is leading them to.

Instead, they stop to drink from the polluted potholes along the trail, contaminated with the manure and urine of previous flocks.

It satisfies their thirst for the moment, but it will eventually infect them with parasites and disease. It’s the price they pay for instant gratification and not following the shepherd to clear water.

Sometimes we can be like those sheep. We don’t want to wait upon the Lord to fulfill their inner longings. Instead, we want instant happiness, so we go for the polluted potholes of the world.

We shrug and say, “What can it hurt?” and fail to realize that sin’s consequences are often delayed.

Seeds sown to the flesh take a while to sprout.

Suddenly we find ourselves in deep trouble and blame God for our problems!

Don’t be deceived! Whatever you sow, you will reap!

If you want true contentment and satisfaction, you must learn to walk by the Holy Spirit, God’s gracious provision to make you more like Christ.

Reflection Question

Am I seeking instant happiness from contaminated sources or finding my contentment in Christ?

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