Don't Be Foolish

Don't Be Foolish
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Today’s verse caught my attention during a New Year’s Eve message. As the preacher read past this verse, I knew I needed to do a deeper dive.

Here’s a thought and quote from that deeper dive into the verse.

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Verse of the Week

“Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” ~ Ephesians 5:17

Thought of the Week

If you look up the Greek word for “unwise,” it means "mindless" or "stupid." Keep reading, and it goes on to use the words "ignorant," "egotistical," and "foolish."

That doesn't sound like a group of words anyone wants used to describe themselves, yet Paul felt like he needed to warn this church of being those things.

It’s hard to unpack this verse without exploring the verses prior. If we back up, Paul has given several commands for the church of Ephesus to chew on. He was concerned about Christians sleepwalking through their lives, unaware of the dangers and needs around them.

He challenged believers to make the most of the opportunities they were given because the time they were living in was evil.

If I could write an awkward pause, I would, but since I'm new at this, I'll ask–doesn't that sound like modern-day stuff?

Christians living unaware of the needs and opportunities around them, allowing evil to rise? Sadly, in some extreme cases, even promoting evil.

We can't afford to be foolish. As our verse says, we must live in the understanding of God's Will and make a difference in the time God has planted us here.

A "time" that is filled with evil and in need of godly men and women living out God's Will.

Quote of the Week

"Don't expect God to reveal His will for you next week until you practice it for today!" ~ Alan Redpath

Can you think of something you know God wants you to do that you've been putting off?

Have a wonderful week!

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