Guests at Church!

Two people walk in your church or business. One dressed in fancy clothes and clean shaven (or if you are a beard guy a well groomed beard) and the other in nasty clothes that fill the room with a terrible smell.

How do you treat them? Is one favored above the other? In today’s podcast, we see James dealing with a problem the believers had in their assemblies.

They were showing favoritism toward the rich and neglecting the poor in their churches.

These verses cause us to stop and think about our typical Sunday service. How do we interact with people? Do we interact with people?

Do guests feel welcome or do they feel like people are looking at them like they have fallen from another planet?

I get it. People are different. Some people get upset when you go out of your way to say hello and act like you are invading their space, while others get offended if you don’t talk to them.

What do we do?

James says––practice the royal law. Love your neighbor as yourself! Treat people how you would like to be treated.

You never know, that handshake or hello may be just enough to calm and soften a heard heart to hear the gospel.

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