Have You Lost Your Awe?

Have You Lost Your Awe?

I feel like I’m always in a hurry. If I have to get somewhere I map out the fastest route and take it.

The fastest route from Waco, Texas to San Antonio, Texas is south on Interstate 35. Nowadays it’s simply, plug in the address on your phone and it will give you the fastest route. Even if you still use an atlas it’s a no-brainer…head due south on I35.

With the next “event” on our trip being the Riverwalk in San Antonio we jump on the interstate and go, right? Wrong.

Michelle likes to research trips and she found that there is a scenic route that takes you off the interstate. It’s a longer trip, but according to the internet it was beautiful and a much better trip than the boring, but FAST, interstate.

So…we went the scenic route and I’ll admit it…it was worth it!

The further south we drove the more the landscape changed. Flatlands turned into beautiful hills as far as the eye could see. We saw cattle, horses, deer, and even, believe it or not, zebra, along the country roads.

At one point in our trip, Michelle asked me a question that got my mind thinking. She asked, “Do you think the people that live here still appreciate how beautiful these views are?”

At the heart of her question was the thought that these people see these sights every day and at some point have they lost the awe factor.

As we discussed her question, I couldn’t help but think about my life. More specifically my spiritual life.

Had I lost the awe factor of my salvation?

Had I lost the awe factor of hearing from God when I read the Bible?

I’ve told the story of my salvation, so many times and I’ve read through the Bible for years. Had it become routine?

As a Christian, I have Christ indwelling me and empowering me, but do I ignore his presence and power?

I’ve had a great life. I’ve been in church my whole life. I’m surrounded by preachers and have a Master’s degree in Bible, but if I’m not careful all of the blessings of my life can make me miss the awe of daily walking with God.

I don’t know if the people in the Hill Country of Texas drive out of their driveway each morning ignoring the beauty that surrounds them, but there is one lesson I’m taking away from our adventures today…

I never want to lose the awe of my salvation and the truth of Christ living in me!