Have You Lost Your Passion?

Have you become spiritually apathetic?

If you are like my daughter, and if I’m honest, like me before I studied this out some, you might be thinking, “What does spiritually apathetic mean”?

Apathy is defined as the absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.

Spiritual apathy is a feeling of indifference or even coldness to the things of God. It can affect any Christian, even one who is fully sincere in his/her faith.

In today’s podcast we look at four tips (listed below) to help get us out of our spiritually apathetic state and to get our passion back in our walk with God.

  1. Identify the Thief
  1. Institute Productive Devotions
  1. Initiate activities that encourage growth
  1. Invest in the lives of others

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