He’s Still Working on Me

He’s Still Working on Me
Photo by Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash

Welcome to the 93rd issue of Pulpit to Pew Crew Newsletter, I'm Brad McClure, and we are on a journey through the Bible in 2023.

Hello Friends,

It's day 93 in our journey through the Bible, and my reading is much more consistent than my writing has been.

Writing, at least for me, can only be done when there is time to think. Thinking precedes writing.  

Lately, it's been one of those seasons of life when I feel like every moment is occupied and "think time" doesn't exist.

Some of the things robbing me of focused "thinking time" are important, but many others are blah activities and a mind filled with worry and stress.

Is it right? No. I need discipline and I need to cast my cares to God, but it's so easy to worry.

Thankfully I have a God that loves me and who's still working on me. Much like He was in our reading this last week.

I love reading and teaching about Gideon. A man I found myself identifying with as I read.

When you teach about the early scenes of Gideon, it's easy to point out his weaknesses.

  • He fearfully hid instead of standing bravely.
  • He doubted God's presence.
  • He doubted his ability

So...I don't know about you, but reading this with my teaching brain turned off I found he sounds a lot like...me.

  • I'm not always brave. Actually, I'm always scared.
  • I've often questioned God's presence when evil seems to win.
  • I've doubted my abilities, purpose, or calling many times. Nowadays, it seems like weekly.

That's why reading how God transformed this man's life as Gideon walked by faith, encourages me.

Do you ever beat yourself up?

Remember, God's still working on you! He's not given up. Trust His Word and follow his lead. With God, it's always an adventure.

Just consider every man and woman of faith you read about in the Bible.

Was their life smooth?

Our family (pictured below) we to watch a new film about Abraham's life this week. The climax was Abraham offering his son as a sacrifice! Why? Because God told him to!

Talk about adventure. Talk about faith.

Spoiler...God spared Isaac and provided a ram which you know because you've been following along on the podcast and many in the yearly Bible reading plan.

Have a great week! Keep your eyes on Jesus. Don't give up.


P.S. On the podcast, I contrasted the books of Joshua and Judges. If you didn't listen, I'd encourage you to take a few minutes to listen.