Something New!?

Something New!?
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A quick note: The new thing is toward the bottom, so if you don't want to read this stuff scroll down to check it out. 😃

For months, I've wrestled with both the podcast and writing. Trying to decide if I should abandon both or continue.

I enjoy both so I didn't really want to quit, BUT I have questions and insecurities about both that fight me each week.

This past week, I had a breakthrough in my thinking. It's going to sound dumb to you, but it freed my mind and made clear the goals I couldn't articulate.

Brad, the teacher: Back in 2020, I wanted to get back to what I loved–teaching the Bible. Podcasts were becoming a "thing" and were fairly easy to start. So, I started the Pulpit to Pew podcast and began teaching.

Brad, the writer: later that year, I began experimenting with online writing and journaling. I found that when I made time to sit down and write, I loved it. It was therapeutic. When done properly on my end it causes me to think through on a deeper level what I'm thinking about.

This really didn't surprise me. I've blogged in the past but I've never studied writing like I am now.

Something happened though. Writing was taking me outside of my original ideas for the podcast.

I wanted to write about the Bible, but I also wanted to write about life outside of the 66 books of the Bible. I loved to teach, but I also liked getting behind a microphone and talking about life.

As those desires merged, I felt like the original mission of the podcast was being hijacked.

Then what should have been obvious all along hit me.

Separate the podcast from the person. (me)

And so I did.

Pulpit to Pew

For now, nothing will change with Pulpit to Pew Podcast. There will be some cosmetic changes to the website, but overall my mission to teach the Bible in a way that hopefully makes you want to know God in a deeper way will continue.

I guess one big change I forgot to mention is the website's URL has changed. Before I sent everyone to

That’s changed. The new location is

I’ve kept the original domain name and am in the process of trying to get it redirected to the new domain.

I’m currently planning some new series for 2024 and adjusting my schedule to give me time to study and prepare.

But…on the side, I’ll be exploring something else.

My New Site 💥

I've started a brand new page that's just me writing and podcasting about life–the good, the bad, and the ugly–but from a Christian perspective.

There will be no set times for posts. When I feel inspired or free to write, I will. When I want to talk about life, I'll get behind the microphone and talk.

Anything is an open game to talk about, but since all I've grown up around is the Christian life, everything will be filtered through the lens of Christian living.

Originally, I moved all of your email addresses over to that platform as well, but I changed my mind. This is separate from Pulpit to Pew, which you all signed up for. I believe sharing with me your email to receive content is a big deal and I don’t want to take advantage of your trust.

If you want to follow along on this journey with me, click the link below.

If not, we are still friends. No hard feelings. I'm glad you are a part of Pulpit to Pew and we are going to continue with some great Bible Studies in 2024.

There will be a welcome podcast or video (haven't decided yet) waiting for you in the next few days over on Substack. (Hopefully tonight.)

Currently, I have one post there from the beginning of November when I was wrestling with whether or not to start this page.'s official.

I'm still tweaking this website and will be throughout the month of December, but if you want to follow you go. If you like watching trainwrecks–this may be one. 😂

One quick note: I'll save the rest for those who subscribe and the welcome message to come later. There is a free Substack app that you can get on your phone to receive all the content. You may even find other Substack content you enjoy.

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The next email you receive here will be back to the Pulpit to Pew Podcast content and Bible Study.

From time to time I may add a link to the party that's going on over at Substack to check in and see if you are interested, but I want this platform to focus on Bible content like the study we are doing on Exodus that I just posted yesterday.

Beware if you're a complainer! It's a lesson on murmuring and complaining.

Have a great week!