Two Generations

Two Generations
Photo by Lucas Gallone / Unsplash

Welcome to the 91st issue of Pulpit to Pew Crew Newsletter, I'm Brad McClure, and we are on a journey through the Bible in 2023.

Welcome to Day 65 in our journey through the Bible.

I doubt you sit at your computers and wait for these emails, but you might have noticed one didn't come last week. My excuse–I had no motivation.

I think the February cold weather caught up with me. I'd look at a blank screen and didn't know where to begin, so I didn't.

But this week, I'm back. I still struggle with motivation and making time (I don't believe in the myth of not having time), but I'm enjoying reading and watching 19 of you join me on this journey on the YouVersion app.

Our anchor is dropped in Numbers this week. Israel sinned and now wanders the wilderness.

In the book of Numbers, we see two distinctly different generations represented.

The first generation was a group of slaves born and raised under Egyptian culture. Being free was a change of pace for them. They struggled with trusting God.

The second generation was completely the opposite. They made plenty of mistakes but trusted God's plan and were about to experience the blessing they grew up hearing about.

The blessing first promised to Abraham.  

This second generation was most likely all children during the time of the plagues in Egypt, Moses splitting the Red Sea, manna falling from the sky, etc.

Miracles were a way of life for them. You might say they had a "child-like" faith.

Which generation do you most identify with? I'm not speaking of age here. But, I mean, do you find yourself stuck in ritualistic ways doubting at times God or having faith for God to move miraculously in your life?  

Last night I had the opportunity to preach at our church. If you'd like to listen, you can find the sermon below.

Have a great week!