A Quick Note

A Quick Note
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

It's another Sunday night, and I'm staring at my computer screen with a desire to write and a racing mind, but nothing is happening.

I've been consumed with 1 Chronicles 21.

It's the passage I discussed on last week's podcast where David, motivated by pride, numbered the people resulting in 70,000 deaths.

I'm preaching next Sunday night, and 1 Chronicles 21 will be the text I preach from. I've spent hours studying and mulling creative ways to illustrate this text.

Now, I still have a week.

That means I'll change my mind many times and tweak and tweak, but I love having a text, a thought, and a week to prepare.

Please pray it all comes together.

On this Memorial Day, my mind is reflecting on some special people.

  • My college roommate, Kevin. Kevin was a Marine whose life was taken by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.
  • My son, Braden. He took a nap and woke up in Heaven. I remember struggling years ago. Wondering why he had to go so early. Although I'd love to see the young man he'd be today, I sometimes wonder if he's better off avoiding the life he would have faced.
  • My grandparents. I'm sure my parents and grandparents had hard times, but I never knew it. I was born into a family that loved me and provided everything I needed.
  • My aunts, uncles. I wish I made more memories, but I cherish the ones I have.
  • My cousin James. I never met him, he died at birth, but his death changed me in a way I've never understood. Weirdly, I've always felt a connection with him. That got even more interesting when my son Braden (mentioned above) was born on his birthday.


Usually, on Sunday afternoons between services, I post the Adult Bible Study on the podcast, but yesterday I forgot. It was beautiful outside, and I was in clean-up mode, so it didn't get posted yet.

I almost set the computer down to post it, but I wanted to get words on the page.

It's an important lesson on the last section of Romans 7, so I'll get it posted later today.

Enjoy your day off, and remember those that sacrificed for it.

While you're remembering, think of those that have sacrificed for you to be where you are today too.

We have been blessed!