The Hidden Blessings of Waiting: 5 Reasons God Allows Us to Wait.

The Hidden Blessings of Waiting: 5 Reasons God Allows Us to Wait.
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I like to think I’m a patient guy–until I’m asked to wait.

I don’t do well waiting. I didn’t think about the connection until I started typing this, but I have a budding thought for the podcast, this newsletter, or another spot I’m going to begin writing that I’m developing.

Developing is probably too strong. I’m just thinking about it, but everything in me wants to share it in this email. (I’m going to behind a paywall to see how it looks.) Why the pressure? Because I’m impatient.

We have Amazon Prime and I love it, but still, even with the fast two-day shipping I continuously ask my wife if a package I want has been delivered.

Waiting is not only a part of life–it’s a vital part of the Christian life.

This week on our Journey Through the Bible we crossed DAY 300 and read about two sisters named Mary and Martha.

Their brother Lazarus was sick and they did everything right. Filled with faith, they sent word to Jesus of their brother's condition. They believed He had the power to save their brother.

Mary and Martha weren’t just random people reaching out to Jesus–they were friends of Jesus. They hosted Jesus in their home in Bethany on multiple occasions.

But Jesus delayed.

Mary and Martha had to wait and in their waiting their brother died.

If you read the text (John 11) you know Jesus came four days later and performed one of his greatest miracles, but in all of this, we see valuable lessons about waiting.

Why does God make us wait?

Here are some lessons I’m learning about waiting.

  • Waiting causes me to cling to God and His promises.
  • Waiting reveals my true motives. God already knows the motives behind our request, but at times we don’t. We think our motives are pure but waiting shines a light on any impurities in our request.
  • Waiting increases my faith. If I never had to wait, I’d have no reason to trust God. I'd have no reason to get to know God.
  • Waiting gives me a deeper gratitude when the answer comes. I appreciate the answer more the longer I hurt.
  • Waiting gives the opportunity to bring more glory to God. This is exactly what happened in John 11. Jesus healing a sick man would bring Himself glory, but raising the dead…well, we’re still talking about that 2,000 years later.

Are you in a season of waiting?

If you keep your eyes on God, you’ll come through this season with a deeper faith and gratitude than you‘ve ever had before.

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