The Lord is MY Shepherd

The Lord is MY Shepherd

Today’s Text: Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

David penned these words thousands of years ago, and we still cherish them today. 

There are four truths in this statement that make it a defining statement and allow it to impact hearts for centuries. 

The first truth gives us insight into Who David is talking about–The Lord. Behind these two words in our English  Bible is the name Jehovah. The Jews understood this name to mean the eternal, self-existent One, Who in Himself possesses all life. The God of righteousness, holiness, and love. God used the same name when talking to Moses, referring to Himself as the “I AM.” 

The name of Jehovah is powerful, but this statement dives deeper. David understood Jehovah to be his Shepherd. Having been a shepherd and labored hours with sheep, David knew this meant:

  • A shepherd loves his sheep. 
  • A shepherd feeds his sheep. 
  • A shepherd protects his sheep. 
  • A shepherd guides his sheep. 

All of that means nothing without this little word “my.” This little two-letter word in our English Bible and another little two-letter word “is” takes this truth to whole new levels. 

  • Jehovah is MY Shepherd and LOVES ME TODAY. 
  • Jehovah is MY Shepherd and will FEED ME TODAY. 
  • Jehovah is MY Shepherd and will PROTECT ME TODAY. 
  • Jehovah is MY Shepherd and will GUIDE ME TODAY. 

With these truths filling David’s heart, he confidently concludes his defining statement––I shall not want.

With Christ as MY SHEPHERD, I lack nothing. Therefore, I cannot fail what He wants me to accomplish.

Reflection Question

How does this truth of Jesus being MY Shepherd help my insecurities?

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