The Process of Sin

Have you ever struggled with temptation? What is the source of temptation? In today’s podcast we took some time to see what the Bible says about the source of sin and sin’s process. Here is a brief look at the process of sin found in James 1:13-18.


Sin begins with our own lusts. Natural, God-given desires that try to be satisfied outside of the boundaries of God’s Word.


Now Satan baits the hook. The temptation presents itself to us and is more alluring than what it really is. Hidden is the hook of destruction.


We move from the emotions (desire) and the intellect (deception) to the will. The will approves and acts on the desire and sin now has us.


Sin always brings consequences. It may take years for that sin to mature, but it always leads to pain, misery, destruction, and eventually…death.


Jesus has won for us the victory! His death, burial & resurrection gives victory to all who place their trust in Him as Savior. Sin no longer is our master once we are a child of God. Claim your position. Know God’s Word & walk in the victory He has already won!