Two Needs Met By Our Good Shepherd

Last week we concluded that with Christ as our Good Shepherd there is nothing we lack!

With that truth in mind you would think we would be the most content human beings on the planet…but sadly, many Christians are not.

Even with this popular Psalm memorized many Christians still lack contentment because they don’t embrace what God has so abundantly provided. That lack of understanding has caused believers to look fill that lack of contentment or satisfaction with the things of this world and they come up empty, dry, and depressed.

Over the next few weeks we will look at 6 needs we have as believers and how our Good Shepherd provides those needs for us.

This week we will cover the first two:

  1. He Provides Rest:

We live in a fast pace, anxiety filled society. There are constant deadlines, threats, pressures that leave us with physical stress. Others live in fear and worry controlled by their flesh and fail to see that there is rest both physically and spiritually in Christ. 

A. Physical Rest: 

Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going.” ~ Mark 6:31 

B. Spiritual Rest: found in Christ

2. He Provides Spiritual Food: “in green pastures”

One of the main reasons why we, as God’s people, lack contentment is that we don’t feed consistently on God’s Word. Instead, we fill our minds with the poisonous weeds of TV, movies, and social media, and then wonder why we’re anxious and troubled. God’s Word has milk for the babe in Christ and meat for the more mature. If we would feed on it daily and chew on it as a sheep chews its cud, we would find contentment in Christ Himself.

Thank you for listening to the Pulpit to Pew Podcast. Next week we will cover the next two needs met by our Good Shepherd.