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Happy New Year–we did it!

We made it through the Bible in a year!

Now, if you're reading this and you've fallen behind–don't get discouraged.

Keep it up.

Let me know when you finish, and I'll celebrate with you!

Yesterday, I saw several of you earn the "Read Through The Bible In a Year" badge on YouVersion. I tried to acknowledge all I saw.

Reading through is a big deal. You won't retain all of it, but that's okay. The biggest hurdle most days is just stopping long enough to read. The setting aside time to spend with God.

Now you know you can. The question is, now what?

Are you going to read through it again? Or, maybe slow down and pick where you want to read and add the element of study. Get a study Bible or commentary in app form or book and commit to not only reading but studying.

Either way, I'd love to hear your plan for 2024.

Hit reply and let me know.

Don't bother running to Google to look up the word "nuggetology."

I made it up a few months ago as I was considering 2024. "Ology" means "the study of," so I call nuggetology the study of biblical nuggets of wisdom.

I also made up the term nuggetologist—a person who searches for biblical nuggets of wisdom.

I'm crazy, I know, but that's how I'm approaching this year. I want to mine the Bible for biblical nuggets of wisdom to share with you each week.

I'll begin next week by sharing with you a Bible verse, a thought, and a quote. I'm calling it, "Weekly Nuggets."

I'm sure this will change and evolve, but I'm excited about this new approach to study this year.

I know I'm making up a foolish term to call myself, but I also want to deem you a Bible Nuggetologist! As you hear and read some Bible Nuggets this year, I want you to hit reply and send them to me.

I'm praying these emails don't just take up space in your inbox but encourage you in your walk with God.

A lot of people are thinking about making changes around New Year's. Would you consider sending this email to a friend who might be interested in getting a Bible verse, a thought, and a quote each week to consider?

Once again...Happy New Year,


P.S. My emails here, by design, will be shorter but hopefully packed full of biblical wisdom. If you want to read other stuff I write, you can always check out my substack page.