Words From the Heart

Episode 08: James 3:1-12

We have all done it haven’t we?

We have all let our mouth spew something before we used our brain. From “when is your baby due,” to a lady that isn’t pregnant, to angry words that crushed our loved one.

Words are POWERFUL!

A simple few words from someone can change our whole day for the good or for the bad.

In this podcast, we see what James instructs the believers about the tongue and identify some of the poisons that can come from our tongue.

  • Pride
  • Lying
  • Slander
  • Complaining
  • Corrupt Communication

Then we point out the purpose of our tongue.

  • Praise God
  • Tell others about God’s love
  • Edify others
  • Pray for others

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My prayer is that everyday people busy with life and work can listen to these short simple Bible studies and find help and encouragement from listening.

Have a wonderful day!